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Suppliers of Protective covers, wraps and padding to Aircraft & helicopter manufacturers and their common supply chain. Products range from large format full wing covers to F.O.D (Foreign Object Debris) bags.


Manufacturing within these sectors, is a multi-million pound business in the United Kingdom.

Bridgelane is honoured to be a part of the Aerospace and Defence Industry; helping employees in these sectors to operate in a safe environment.

We're also long-standing and trusted Supplier to Airbus UK, who relies on our skill and expertise to protect their workforce and components. It's imperative their employees carry out their day-to-day work in a secure environment.

Rolls-Royce engines have component parts that are also protected by Bridgelane’s products.

Our aerospace link does not end there.

We supply padded wraps, covers, matting and component protection as part of the supply chain, within the manufacturing environment of Military Aircraft and Helicopters.

In addition, we have worked with British Airways at various Airports throughout the UK. When an aircraft enters a service hanger at the airports, Maintenance Staff will use protection covers supplied by Bridgelane, to enable them to carry out their work in a safe and protected environment.

Our product line is vast, ranging from full wing protection to Foreign Object Debris (FOD) bags for collecting items of waste within the Production environment. We also supply shadow boards, an essential ‘protection cover’ storage facility for factory workers.


Edge Protection


Large Format Covers


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