Edge Protection

Component ‘corners and edges’ provide the most danger to employees so adequate protection is required. Our protection covers are easy to apply and remove. They are designed to protect the corners and the edges; areas of which can cause the most injury to workforce operatives and potential component damage. Applying protection covers mean Staff remain safe, whilst reducing the product’s exposure to possible damage/rework. The covers can include a pocket to store documents, if required.


Fin Edge Protector

Protective padded cover designed for easy application and removal, includes external document pocket. This cover is included in a range designed specifically for corner and edge protection, these areas cause the most injury to workforce operatives and are most vulnerable to product damage.


Stair Edge Protection

‘Mind Your Head’- a warning that workers sometimes ignore, despite black and yellow hazard tape, because they are busy. However, protective padding for work carried out underneath stairwells will help solve the risk of potential injury. These areas, used for storage or as work stations, result in the most commonly reported accident areas in the environmental workplace.


Work Platform Edge Protection

Our drop down skirt safeguards against tools or components falling from a platform. The edge protection is designed specifically for working platforms to avoid accidental Component contact damage.


Edge Protection Extrusion

These Extrusions are a bespoke designed product, manufactured to conform to irregular shapes and sizes, again giving product and personnel protection.


Access Aperture Edge Protection

Bespoke extrusions or moulded protection parts, can be designed for edge protection on any shape of access apertures. These specific areas could be confined access areas ie: vessels/tanks, wing inspection manholes or engines, where size restrictions make contact inevitable upon access.


Corner Edge Protector

Designed to fit any size of vulnerable corner or protrusion. They can be padded or unpadded and fitted with internal magnets or spring-loaded to prevent accidental displacement. Manufactured in a wide range of high visibility materials, the products can be screen printed to show area identification clearly.

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