Label Manufacture

It's important protective covers are labelled correctly. So you remember what goes where. Our printing and engraving service will simplify any complex system.

We are proud to work with some of the global leaders in the label industry from the UK, Germany and Japan. It is about supplying the right quality product to meet your specific requirements with label which offers reliability and batch to batch consistency.
At bridgelane we have built a reputation of offering label and tag solutions which cover:

  • High extreme temperatures up to 1250 degrees C
  • Low extreme temperatures down to -196 degrees C
  • Extreme chemical resistant labels with resistance MEK, Acetone,Xylene, Petrol and Brake Fluid
  • High tack adhesive to cope with the most demanding surfaces
  • Ultra removable labels/ protective films designed not to mark the surface
  • Unique security label solutions

Extreme temperature labels.

Label and tag solutions up to 1250 degrees C. This
revolutionary range of materials gives metal products and re-processors
a reliable approach that will withstand extremely intense heat.


LGF Destruction labels.

This label stock is specifically designed
for security marking applications such as asset tracking and tamper
evident security seals. Any attempt to remove the label will result in
material fracture easily thwarting any attempt to re-apply it.


Extreme chemical resistant labels.

High chemical resistant labels that can be
exposed to a variety of chemicals such as Toluene, Xylene, Brake Fluid,
Skydrol and acetone without compromising the print or top coating.


Tamper Evidence labels.

A clear way to flag any attempt at
interfering with product or packaging, if the label is removed this
labelstock`s tamper-indicating properties will instantly reveal a "void"

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