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Bridgelane protects valves and pipework for the oil and gas industry, helping ensure energy supplies keep flowing.

Our partners are Baker Hughes Company, which is part owned by General Electric.

As the parts are assembled on the factory floor, our flexible products safeguard both staff and components. 

Our protection covers can be found within many factory environments. Plant &machinery are potentially hazardous areas without correct protection.
Our products cover a wide range of Bespoke protection covers for the Factory Environment, designed to protect the workforce to operate in a safer environment, and thus reducing the risk of personal injury and/or Component damage.

These padded impact/bump protection covers are used on Components, main structure overhead support beams, structure support columns, stairwells, handrails, walkways and any potential hazardous access areas within the Factory Environment.


Walkways &access areas – main structure protection

‘Padded protection covers designed to fit main structures in walkways &access areas, thus, preventing the risk of potential injury to Personnel.’

Mandrel covers – Component protection

Padded impact/bump protection cover in situ, within an Oil &Gas manufacturing assembly plant. This protection is designed to protect Components around the factory flowline environment, and is fitted around the steel Component, which reduces the risk of accidental Component damage.


Stairwell protection

Padded bump/impact protection in access areas, designed to reduce the risk of potential injury.

Transport Box – storage protection cover

This padded protection cover is designed to protect Components that are transported in and around the Oil &Gas manufacturing and warehouse facilities, it is fitted around the Component transport media, which reduces the risk of accidental Component damage and protects it from inclement weather conditions it may be subject to outside of the facility. It comes with a document holder and a viewing window as part of the bespoke design.

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Flange Boot – Valve protection covers

These padded protection covers are designed to protect Components whilst in transit in and around the Oil &Gas manufacturing plants. The bespoke design allows them to be fitted around the high value Component Valves and come fitted with a drawstring for fastening security, which reduces the risk of accidental Component damage whilst also protecting them from inclement weather conditions during transportation

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