Risk Reduction Products

These products are designed in consultation with Production and engineering management to overcome health and safety issues when working in a confined environment.

Ergonomic Risk Reduction Chair

Light weight low working level chair, designed to reduce knee and back injury when working in low, cramped or confined spaces. The chair has weight-approval rating and is certified. Designed to enable operatives to sit rather than crouch or kneel when working in confined spaces.
The chair has a padded seat and base, offering comfort to the operative and protection to the work environment. 

Sleeper Trolley

This ergonomically-designed padded trolley enables an operative to be fully supported while having to work in a prone position. The trolley can be supplied with rubberised wheels for ease of movement and these can be locked to ensure stability or fitted with protective padded feet. The trolley width, length and height can be manufactured to fit the working environment.  

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